it’s been about a year now i think.. o well.

So lately I’ve been feeling a little bit down.

some of you may know that Seth and I did break up, it didn’t really feel that bad at first, but like 5 days into being single I realized how much this will suck. We still talk don’t get me wrong, and we do want to get back together, but I moved so it’ll be hard..

In other news, I’ve been getting paid for my artwork and photography,  which is awesome.

I started writing again 🙂 its extremely bad. but that’s because I don’t have a bed room anymore so I cant practice my piano.

Zach’s leaving for college in August :c I’m going to be stuck home with my mom and step-dad whom argue all the time.. that’ll suck.

um thanks for reading ❤ I’ll try and go through my mind to remember my password and talk to someone more than an empty blog.

love yall